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Sammy's Mountain Marbles

Sammy Hogue spent most of his life in the glass industry. As an accomplished handmade marble artist, Sammy has also dabbled in machine made marbles. He is well liked in the marble community for his efforts in marble production, enthusiasm, mentorship and character. When Dave McCullough, production manager of JABO, Inc. left JABO in early 2012, it was no surprise that he and Sammy Hogue would partner in the production of 'Sammy's Mountain Marbles'. Sammy and Dave were neighbors and friends since childhood, both residing in Pennsboro, WV, where they would produce dazzling 5/8" marbles together from July 4th, 2012, until Dave's departure in late 2013, when they agreed to disagree. In that short time, together, along with Richard McKnight, former JABO operator, as well as associates of Sam Hogue and occasional run investors, they produced sixteen runs over a fourteen month span.

Though Sammy is rather secretive in his machine-made production hobby and doesn't entertain the sale of the marbles produced, it is known he has since made efforts to produce more marbles. He acquired machinery from JABO, Inc. and as of 2020 has been tinkering with 3/4" production. As more samples and information of recent productions become available, the story of Sammy's Mountain Marbles will continue.


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