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Akro Agate

Akro Agate, Akron, Ohio  1910 - 1914. Clarksburg, WV  1914 - 1951.

Another of the early marble manufactures that initially made transitional, hand gathered style. It is unclear, but likely Akro did not produce their own marbles, but rather packaged and sold M.F. Christensen marbles until the move to Clarksburg, WV, where their first commercial production began. It was Akro Agate that was first to patent and use the fully automated process. Akro also introduced the exclusive 'Spinner cup' mechanism, creating the corkscrew pattern. Along with Corkscrews, Akro produced Solid, Glassie, Swirl and Patch types. As referenced below, a two-color opaque corkscrew is referred to as 'Prize name'. A three-color opaque corkscrew is referred to as 'Special'. For whatever reason, Akro corkscrews are the only marble with a consensus accepting a white base as a counted color. Normally, clear transparent and white base marbles' base color is not counted as a color.

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