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Alley Agate

The Lawrence Glass Novelty Co. Paden City, WV 1929 - 1931.

The Lawrence Glass Novelty Co. Sistersville, WV 1931 - 1932.

Alley Agate Co. Pennsboro, WV 1931 - 1937.

Alley Agate Co. St. Marys, WV 1937 - 1946

Reorganized as Alley Glass Manufacturing St. Marys, WV 1947 - 1948.

In 1949, the deed to the St. Marys factory was transferred to Berry Pink and on June 27, 1949, the business was officially dissolved.


Alleys are well known as a swirl type, though patch styles were also produced, notably at the St. Marys location.

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