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Alley Agate

The Lawrence Glass Novelty Co. Paden City, WV 1929 - 1931.

The Lawrence Glass Novelty Co. Sistersville, WV 1931 - 1932.

Alley Agate Co. Pennsboro, WV 1931 - 1937.

Alley Agate Co. St. Marys, WV 1937 - 1946

Reorganized as Alley Glass Manufacturing St. Marys, WV 1947 - 1948.

In 1949, the deed to the St. Marys factory was transferred to Berry Pink and on June 27, 1949, the business was officially dissolved.


Alleys are well known as a swirl type, both opaque and transparent base, though at one point while producing gaming marbles for toy manufacturers, they became one of the World's largest suppliers.

Many well patterned and multicolored swirls have recently increased in popularity among serious collectors.

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