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C.E. Bogard & Sons
The Bogard Company

C. E. Bogard & Sons, Cairo, WV  1971 - 1983.

The Bogard Company, Cairo, WV, and Nutter Farm, WV  1983 - 1986.

Reno, Ohio  1986 - 1987

Incorporated in 1967, in 1971 C.E. Bogard & Sons purchased the Heaton Agate Company, to which they renamed, C.E. Bogard & Sons. Remaining Heaton inventory in the form of labelled poly bags, were labelled over and sold as Bogard. They produced their own Cat Eye, opaque, transparent, and 'Imitation Onionskins', along with Industrial marbles. Industrial paint can marbles made of glass, was a change from metal balls, largely due to the convincing by Jack Bogard, to the aerosol can industry. In 1983 Jack Bogard became sole shareholder and the company was renamed The Bogard Co.

In 1983, gas prices in Cairo forced a move to the Nutter Farm, WV. Issues at the new site prompted a return to Cairo with many efficiency improvements that proved not enough to endure. In late 1986, operations were moved to Reno, OH, where bigger changes were ahead. The continued saga of Jack Bogard can be read at the gallery page JABO Inc., 'Classics'.


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