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Cairo Novelty

Cairo, WV  1946 - 1952.

The second of two marble factories that formed in Cairo, WV in 1964. The other being Heaton Agate. The two had close ties. The Cairo Novelty company was a successful venture in it's rather short existence. Among other dealings, their swirl type marbles were sold nationwide, packed in mesh bags with 'Woolworth's' header. Their success would be short lived with the devastating flooding of the Hughes River on June 25, 1950. The town was under water. The factory site situated on a lowland bank of the river, was hit hard. Loss of inventory and damage to equipment, hampered future production. This event, coupled with the onset of the Japanese Cat's Eye invasion, ultimately closed the doors.

Additional grouped marbles for photographic reference, courtesy of David Tamulevich, from his extensive collection.

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