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Champion Agate

Pennsboro, WV  1938 - 2005.

Champion Agate is most known for their swirl type marbles. Early examples are often hard to discern from other swirl manufacturers of the region. Opaque two- and three-color swirls, and later, 1980's single ribbon transparent base Wirepull style. It is known there were Cat's Eyes produced in limited periods. Flat Gems were pioneered by the Champion Agate Co. in 1983 and were a staple product throughout their remaining years. Carnival Glass, or Iridescent marbles were also a first by Champion in 1984.

Champion Agate's winding down of marble production would serve as a steppingstone for production manager Dave McCullough's joining JABO, Inc., to which would also incorporate the path of the Vitro Agate Co. and write an entirely new page of marble history.

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