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Alley Agate

Here we'll see some of the earliest bagged types produced by Alley Agate, including the earlier mesh type and some of the first, later produced 'Poly' bags. Poly is abbreviated from polyester. Vintage poly bags will have a single, flapped seam on the back side, later replaced by modern, seamless bags. Header cards will exhibit older print technology and paper stock, as well as round, not flat fastening staples. Round staples alone, are not an indicator of age, as some modern examples utilize vintage staples. One must revert to the bag type for clarification.


The Lawrence Glass Novelty Co. Paden City, WV 1929 - 1931.

The Lawrence Glass Novelty Co. Sistersville, WV 1931 - 1932.

Alley Agate Co. Pennsboro, WV 1931 - 1937.

Alley Agate Co. St. Marys, WV 1937 - 1946

Reorganized as Alley Glass Manufacturing St. Marys, WV 1947 - 1948.

In 1949, the deed to the St. Marys factory was transferred to Berry Pink and on June 27, 1949, the business was officially dissolved.


Alleys are well known as a swirl type, though patch styles were also produced, notably at the St. Marys location.

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