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JABO, Inc. Miscellaneous

Over the years of marble production, JABO, Inc produced a lot of marbles that were not categorically 'Classics', nor 'Contract runs'. These include experimental tests, Proprietary runs, Tank Wash runs and what has been called 'Play time' marbles, where occasional enhancements were applied during industrial marble production. Here we'll also view the 1991, first color run, in itself an experiment. At the time, the Classics line had not been realized.
Most of what we see here occurred during the contract run era. As time permits, additions to this, as well as to the other JABO categories will appear.

Big thanks and credit to Dale Simmons for his years of sample gathering and run collections assembled for the historical record. A personal thanks to Richard McKnight for his friendship and ongoing assistance in creating real-time documentation of the historical record as it played out. Much of what we know and what is presented here in the JABO categories would have not been realized without their shared knowledge and enthusiasm.


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