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JABO, Inc. Post-McCullough

Soon after the departure of Production Manager Dave McCullough, and subsequent layoff of their top two machine operators, JABO, Inc. would be faced with diminishing enthusiasm in their ability to create beautiful marbles. It was like starting over and no one was sure what would play out. It was a strange time for those who were immersed in this particular niche of the hobby. JABO answered with varying degrees of success, including some contract runs. It would soon become apparent that the hay-day had passed. Their colorful marble production paled in comparison to the previous successes experienced under the supervision of Dave McCullough.

The ever-tightening budget restraints, loss of production expertise, and the loss of their bread-and butter industrial contracts would prove detrimental to JABO's survival. By 2015, marble production was meager, and JABO would soon cease operations. Many machines were sold off and on 6-11-2019, the JABO property was sold to never again produce marbles.


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